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Roll-Off Size
10 yd
12' long x 8' wide x 4' high*
20 yd
22' long x 8' wide x 4' high*
30 yd
22' long x 8' wide x 6' high*






* All Roll Off Dimensions are Approximate.
Please go to the "Equipment Pictures" tab to see actual photos of these different roll-off container sizes.


Roll-Off Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions of the Roll Off Service Agreement:

  1. Container Fee:

    10 Cubic Yards = up to 1 ton**

    20 Cubic Yards = up to 2 tons**

    30 Cubic Yards = up to 4 tons**

    **An overweight fee of $125 per ton will apply to all loads that weigh more than the above specified weight limits for each dumpster and will be billed to your credit card account. A copy of the dump ticket will be provided in your invoice.

  2. Rental Term:

    Dumpster rental is for seven (7) days only. Starting on the eighth (8th) day, there will be a rental fee of $25 per day. Please call Better Carting when the dumpster is ready for pick-up at (914) 948-0332 or email our dispatch department at

  3. Dirt, Rock, Concrete, and Blacktop Loads Only:

    We no longer accept loads that are “ONLY” dirt, rock and concrete materials. If you are mixing dirt, rock, concrete, or blacktop into a 20 or 30 yard dumpster, then you must make sure that no more than half of a 20 Yard or one third of a 30 Yard is loaded with these heavy materials or else it will be too heavy to pick-up. Keep in mind that these heavy materials will result in overweight fees for your dumpster. See Clause #1 for overweight fee pricing.

  4. Over-Loading:

    Customer agrees not to load dumpster above water level. Any debris loaded over the top of the dumpster is a hazard and customer or driver will have to off-load the dumpster before it is picked-up. Labor rates and wait time for our drivers costs $100 per hour.

  5. Machine Loading:

    Our company does not allow any machine loading into any of our dumpsters. Only hand loading is allowed.

  6. Moving Container:

    Dumpster is not to be moved by anything other than a Better Carting truck or else an additional $500 fee will be charged to your credit card plus any damage costs.

  7. Blocked Location/Wait Time:

    If Better Carting arrives to deliver or pick-up a dumpster and the location is blocked by a vehicle, debris, or anything else that prevents the driver from delivering or picking up the dumpster, there will be a Lost Trip Fee of $195 charged for each time we have to return to the service address. If customer wants the driver to wait, there is a wait time charge of $100 per hour.

  8. Multiple Containers:

    Customer may order more than one container using this Dumpster Service Agreement. This is a blanket agreement authorizing all dumpsters at this job site.

  9. Liability:

    Customer acknowledges that Better Carting Service shall not be liable for any damage to pavement, asphalt, driveway surface, or underground utilities, including septic systems, resulting from delivery, placement, or pick-up of container. Customer grants BCS a license for ingress and egress over the Customer’s property to service the dumpsters ordered.
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